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The Goal for Me is to Never Give UP!

The main objective for me is to simply succeed to the best of my ability at everything I do in life.

My first goal is to get my eating habits/weight under control.

Wish me luck!


it's been almost two months now since i had my gallbladder removed... wow i'm so glad i will not suffer that fate again.


so i am feeling pretty good.

I will update weight in a week or so. I have gained but not for long. I promise ♥ I'm tired of expanding so! WOoT!

i was trying to take some pictures of me for fun for myspace but i think they came out dirtier than intended. Ha!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Well it makes me happy to see good angels... i am alittle surprised that i look like that second picture... weird. I have changed a lot... I've never worn a shirt like that... Neat.

What do you think?

Me summer 2006Collapse )

An update.

So this whole getting to 80lbs lost has been very hard. I am so close... and yet it seems so far away. I am NOT giving up.

Weee.... now on to picture time.

SuperNovaCollapse )

latest pictures

i love these pictures... even the horrid one of me with Jennifer... was i trying to eat her, the camera, or all of the air in the room?

Lauren's baby shower stuffs

PicturesCollapse )

at this point

i want to lose 2 or 3 more pounds in the next week. I think i'll be pretty happy. I went to the track this morning for the first time. I did three laps so... 3/4 of a mile. I walked the first lap and then on the second and third i walked the straights and i ran the curves... i like running on the curves better than the straights... and i would like to get to where i can run the straights AND the curves! Heh... in time... due time... blah.


Other than that i am suffering from the i wish i could lose weight without dieting/exercising blues. Ha... is that even real?

feels like it is.


in other news my sister is now home and moved in... i think she is going to miserable here and i hope that she eventually feels more at home. i think the liked my two cats so i'm glad about that.

i saw jennifer tonight and she looks so damned awesome. i'm so proud of her and i'm so happy for her too!


I must sleep right now. G'night.


So we've been rearranging stuff non-stop trying to make it all fit.

And so far... Eureka!

Drew is the cat... is fat and getting more rotund by the second. I bought the cats a continuous feeding bowl... bad idea for the glutton. i guess like mother like son? i have been eating semi-junky lately. That's ok though... i have been working and doing other stuff so yeah.

I'm not worried.

Good day for sleep. I have to finish up something today... i know that sounds random... i have started doing so many things and have yet to finish anything... heh...

Family Guy always makes me laugh.

one last one...

Hmm.... this is a pictureography...

Here i am.


January 5th 2007
pic start hereCollapse )

Here i am!

Baby Blanket that i've been working on.
Baby BoyCollapse )


I'm bored.

I had a weird day yesterday so very trying.


Weighed in lost some more weight woohoo.


I have been doing really good

i have been pretty much right on with my diet.


Weigh in this week.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

My Weight in 2007

January 2007
5th - 331.08lbs
18th - 317.12lbs
February 2007
5th - 307.12lbs
21st - 300.8lbs
March 2007
9th - 293.8lbs
21st - 288.6lbs
April 2007
10th - 282.4lbs
25th - 273.12lbs
May 2007
14th - 269.8lbs
30th - 263.4lbs
June 2007
14th - 258lbs
28th - 260lbs
July 2007
24th - 257lbs
August 2007
10th - 254
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